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Server Upgrade.

July 31, 2010

Yuku just did a serer upgrade and is working on the issues. I have tried to post a ticket to the support group but I can’t get access to the areas. If anyone can get in a support ticket that would be helpful.

For the time being try FireFox to see if you can access the boards. Sub scribe to the blog and I will keep you updated.


Monday Caption Mania! #6

July 12, 2010

O.k. sorry about last week I was on vacation and enjoying the good old outdoors, Fishing with my family and drinking beer like there was no tomorrow!

But I am back and here is a gem if ever there was one!  Really LARP is just so funny to me, I don’t know why, maybe it’s because some people think you can have a big sword and wear biker shorts as a cloth and call it role playing!

The pot belly ninja is a close second!

Caption Contest #5

June 21, 2010

Humm one thing is not like the other! Can you tell which one? Boy I wish I had enough money to dress up and beat the tar out of someone in SCA. I can only imagine what a stress reliever that must be! But I think this guy is a little under dressed.

Monday Caption Mania, Round #4

June 14, 2010

Ok this takes the idea of Furries to another level!  It was bad enough that I learned what scritching was from CSI, but when you give Furries weapons I start to get really scared.

I’ve dressed up in my time, don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of fun to paint my face and make a fool out of myself, but when you invest money in a 6 foot raccoon costume for RPing?  That’s where I question one’s sanity!!!

So I present to you this week’s Image for the Caption Contest!  Let the fur fly!

(And for you Furries on the site, I’m just joking… don’t eat me!)

Game Master Tools

June 7, 2010

I love Tools! I’m a dork like that!  Give me my D&D, M:TG, 360 and my power tools!  Now if you create something that is a tool that works for one of my other geeky passions then I tend to hit a stage of Nerd-vanna! Not really a Nerd-gasm, that requires the addition of a Booth babe and something that goes really fast for no apparent reason.

This week I am forgoing the caption contest for a little app I found this morning wait for breakfast at the local Chick-Fil-a (aka “Jesus Chicken”)

I love my iPhone… reread part about tools, and Digital Adventures has created a free app called iMonster. It’s a free App that lists all the CR 1 creatures in a easily readable format.  This is a great addition to my digital dice.  Now when I have a slow point and need to throw something in fast and furious I can quickly pull up the iMonster and throw a little excitement into the mix.

There is a paid version featuring the entire monster database but for now I am perfectly happy with the free version to help keep things interesting at our local shop.

Check out this and a few more apps at

Note: this is in no way a paid ad for Digital Adventures. However if they would like to donate a few paid Apps to the cause I would be happy to give them away to some really hard core Gamers here on CORE! 🙂

Do you have what it takes?

June 4, 2010

I am looking for writers! Fantasy Writers! If you think you got what it takes or if you would like to get some experience or you want to share your stories to get more exposure or… (the small angry dwarf known as our editor just killed the previous writer for an annoying long run on sentence.)

Reply with a sample of your work and we’ll look over it.

D&D Lego ~ Awesome!!!

June 1, 2010

I hope everyone had a safe Memorial Day! Surfing the week this week end searching for cool LEGO models for my kids and I to build I ran across a couple D&D Lego Mods.  I’m a Big LEGO Maniac, but I never thought to incorporate them into my table top.  I know I’m probably behind the time but check out this cool photo and post some photos of your custom LEGO minis, D&D themed or whatever you got!